A Masterclass in Self-sustained Polycotton Coverall Safety Suit Manufacturing


At Harvin Bhd, we epitomize the pinnacle of excellence in the production of polycotton coverall safety suits. What sets us apart is our resolute commitment to crafting these essential safety garments entirely within our own facilities, without relying on external suppliers for any materials. This unwavering dedication to self-sufficiency ensures that each facet of our safety suits aligns with the highest benchmarks of quality, precision, and professionalism

Our Unique In-House Manufacturing Advantages:

Vertical Integration Mastery

Harvin Bhd boasts a vertical integration model that transcends reliance on external material sources. We meticulously oversee every stage of the production process, from the selection of premium polycotton fabrics to precise stitching and rigorous quality control.

Unyielding Quality Assurance

In our pursuit of manufacturing excellence, our seasoned experts leave no detail unchecked. Materials are scrutinized for superior quality, workmanship is executed with exactitude, and designs are meticulously tested to meet stringent safety standards.

Customization Expertise

Our extensive in-house capabilities empower us to offer unmatched customization options. Whether it involves specific pockets, custom branding, or tailored features, we seamlessly integrate your unique requirements into the manufacturing process.

Punctual Deliveries

Our independence from external suppliers minimizes the risk of production delays. Harvin Bhd is renowned for its unwavering punctuality in deliveries, ensuring that your polycotton coverall safety suits are readily available when you need them, all while adhering to our uncompromising quality standards.

Absolute Control

Our complete control over the manufacturing process allows us to swiftly adapt to evolving safety requirements and emerging trends. This agility guarantees a continuous supply of innovative and high- quality safety suits.
  • Concealed zipper front closure
  • Generously sized
  • Quality reinforced seam work to guarantee durable, long-termwear
  • Provides complete coverage and all-day protection on the jobsite,
  • Elastic waist for a greater range of movement and a comfortable fit
  • Exterior pockets customized according to buyer’s requirement
  • Side slits on both sides for pocket access
  • Adjustable snap closures on wrists,
  • Civil, Heavy Construction, Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Marine, Mechanical Construction, Manufacturing, Extraction & Refining, Mining, Demolition, agriculture, forestry, general work or at home