Experience the Comfort of Cotton: Introducing Our Premium Healthcare Linen & Fabric Collection

Greige or Grey fabric is an unfinished woven fabric in a natural color is also called gada cloth or kora cloth for medical and hospital applications. We are engaged in manufacturing quality fabric in 100% Cotton, Polycotton (T/C), Viscose (Rayon) in yarn counts from 10s to 100s in various construction and various width ranging from 16” to 120”. We have power loom and auto looms to produce plain weave, satin, drill, twill, leno, double cloth, honeycomb, herringbone, oxford, dobby according to the buyer’s requirement. Our fabrics are ideal for making scrubs, surgical gowns, bed sheets, curtains, and other medical and hospital items.

The fabric is dyed by reactive / vat with azo free and finished with modern machinery to give perfect result. Our poplin fabric is used in medical textiles for its hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking properties, making it ideal for scrubs and surgical gowns. Our printed fabrics are best to use for patient wear and baby printed mull for kid’s garments. The fabric is fully mercerized and pre-shirked to make quality garments.

Cotton and polycotton Linens manufactured in premium-grade cotton and polycotton linens meticulously crafted for a variety of sectors including hospitals, hotels, hostels, and train services. Our linens are available in standardized sizes of 39” x 75”, 54” x 75”, and 60” x 90”, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each industry.

Employing superior quality yarn and employing advanced processing techniques, our linens are crafted with utmost care to ensure a skin-friendly pH value.

Sarong/Lungi/Dothi – Harvin Bhd specializes in crafting Sarongs, Lungis, and Dothis using fine cotton yarn through a power loom manufacturing process. Our products are meticulously washed and finished to ensure optimal comfort while maintaining a dignified appearance.

Specifically designed for hospital usage, our Sarongs and Lungis are available in a standard size of 115cm x 2 meters. Additionally, our White Dothi is offered in sizes of 115cm x 2 meters and 115cm x 3.8 meters, catering to various preferences and requirements within healthcare settings.

Recognized for their quality and comfort, our products have garnered significant demand in Asian and Gulf countries, presenting an ideal solution for hospitals seeking reliable, comfortable, and dignified apparel options for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Harvin Bhd manufactures durable fabric suitable for crafting cotton or polycotton hospital bags tailored specifically for hospital use. These bags are designed to serve various purposes within the hospital setting.

These bags can be customized with both long and short handles, providing versatility for various hospital purposes. They can be personalized with hospital logos or designs, offered in single or multicolor options, ensuring a professional and customized appearance.

Emphasizing sustainability, our bags are reusable and eco-friendly, aligning with the environmentally conscious practices increasingly adopted by hospitals seeking durable and environmentally responsible solutions for their everyday operational needs.

Why Choose Our Premium Linen and Fabric Collection?

Uncompromising Quality

Harvin Berhad ensures top-notch quality across its product range, guaranteeing durability and reliability for clients.

Variety of Options

Clients can tailor products to their specific needs, with customizable features such as handles, logos, and designs.

Innovative & Sustainable Materials

Harvin Berhad utilizes innovative fabrics like polycotton blends and emphasizes sustainability, offering eco-friendly solutions for hospitals.

International Recognition

Products, especially traditional apparel like sarongs and lungis, have gained significant demand in Asian and Gulf countries, showcasing international acceptance.

Healthcare-Focused Design

Products are specifically crafted for medical and hospital applications, meeting the unique requirements of the healthcare sector.