Harvin Berhad is a company that specializes in creating exceptional products and services that redefine industries. Our founders, Palani and Harmesh, share a common commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Palani’s expertise in textiles, medical dressings and gauzes, and fabric mastery, as well as his proficiency in cotton yarn, combined with Harmesh’s finance and supply chain specialization, have propelled us to bridge the worlds of textiles, medical dressings and bandages. Together, we deliver a brighter future for our clients.


What We Did?

20+Years of Experience
10k +Customers
10+Product Variation
10Thousand Shipments Yearly



At Harvin Berhad, our founders are more than just experts in their respective fields. They are visionaries who have harnessed their 20 over years of individual expertise to shape our journey towards excellence.

M. Palani Vinayagam: A Multifaceted Maestro

M. Palani Vinayagam, our co-founder, is a true polymath in the realm of textiles and healthcare. With over two decades of experience, Palani’s expertise spans textiles, medical bandages and dressings, fabrics, and cotton yarn. His creative genius and in- depth knowledge have set industry benchmarks and redefined quality standards.

Palani’s commitment to innovation shines through in every product we offer, whether it’s the finest fabrics, versatile yarn, trusted medical bandages and dressings, or premium cotton yarn. His multifaceted mastery is the driving force behind our innovative solutions.

Harmesh Singh: The Supply Chain Specialist

Harmesh Singh, our co-founder, is more than a banking veteran. With 22 years of experience as a supply chain specialist, he brings a unique perspective to our organization. His keen understanding of the intricate web of logistics, procurement, and distribution ensures the seamless flow of our products to clients worldwide.

Harmesh’s strategic leadership and supply chain expertise have not only optimized our operations but have also contributed to our reputation for reliability. He has played a crucial role in shaping our ability to meet clients’ demands with precision and efficiency.

Join us on a journey guided by over 20 years of collective wisdom..a journey where excellence converge to shape a better world...